AMZScout Review: 3 Tools that Make AMZScout the Most Powerful Product Tracker on Amazon

  • March 16, 2020

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Sellers who are just beginning to sell on Amazon might find it challenging to get their business up and running. This is because they are learning everything for the first time.

To get an Amazon business to the top, sellers must dedicate a lot of time and effort. When they get to the top, Amazon sellers must work even harder to maintain their top position because the environment is extremely competitive. 

There are numerous tools out there to help sellers grow their businesses. Most of these tools provide invaluable information that enable businesses to stay ahead of the competition One of those tools is AMZScout. In this review, we tell you how this tool works and one it is one of the tools that every Amazon seller should have.

Defining AMZScout

AMZScout is a product tracking tool that helps sellers find the most profitable items to sell on Amazon. It’s ability to calculate estimated income enables sellers to determine whether their online business is viable or not. With this information, Amazon sellers are able to analyze the quality of their product listings and forecast their monthly sales even before they launch their business. AMZScout comes with different sets of tools that are categorized as: 

  • AMZScout web application
  • AMZScout chrome extensions
  • AMZScout free tools suite

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AMZScout Web Application

This is a larger version of the AMZScout chrome extension. It is an easy to use tool that does not require installation. DataGuide prepared an Amazon CamelCamelCamel review to learn about Amazon tools more.Instead, sellers go to the AMZScout website from your software, sign up and log in. The AMZScout web application provides accurate data and offers sellers a wide range of features that enable them to: 

  • Monitor similar products
  • Monitor competitors
  • Gather sale estimates
  • Analyze and identify popular keywords used on products
  • Get revenue estimates on products
  • Study information trends and sales history to determine seasonality of products and find out their current sales performance
  • Analyze product sourcing and fulfillment data to establish the impact of Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) fees on profit 
  • Study their current ratings and product listing ranks 
  • Study how other sellers are being rated
  • Use the built-in calculator to determine profitability of products 

AMZScout Pro Chrome Extension

With the AMZScout chrome extension , Amazon sellers get the same amount of information as the AMZScout Web App. The only difference is that the chrome extension provides instant data for particular products or pages that one is researching on. Sellers who use AMZScout extension are able to get:

  • Sales estimates – profit and sales estimates are more accurate because AMZScout does not manipulate sales.
  • Listing Quality Score (LQS) which is a measure of the quality of listings
  • Price history which allows sellers to identify a pattern or behavior
  • Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Product ranking 
  • Number of customer reviews on products

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AMZScout Free Tools

AMZScout offers sellers four free tools. Two of these tools fall under chrome extension and the other two under AMZScout Web. These tools are:

Sales Estimator 

This web-based tool enables sellers to estimate daily sales volumes for products that they sell on Amazon. This information enables them to determine whether selling it is viable to continue selling certain products or not. 

FBA Fee calculator and Amazon Revenue calculator

Available on both web application and chrome extension, this tool enables sellers to calculate the cost of selling products through the Amazon FBA programs and determine revenue estimates for items that they choose to sell. 

AMZScout Stock Stats 

Using this tool, Amazon sellers are able to keep track of inventory levels. AMZStock Stats is available on chrome extension. 

Amazon Smart Shopper 

This tool is ideal for Amazon arbitrage sellers. Using the Smart Shopper tool, sellers are able to determine whether other eCommerce sites like eBay are selling specific products at a lower price or the same price for similar products that they sell on Amazon.

AMZScout Pricing

AMZScout tool offers sellers three pricing plans starting at $29.99. The pricing model is based on the features that sellers are able to access under every plan. Sellers get a free trial period – 7 days for AMZScout Web App and 14 days for AMZScout Chrome Extension. The free trial period enables sellers to determine which tool suits their needs best. 

Final Word

AMZScout offers some of the most powerful but easy to use tools available in the market. With these tools, Amazon sellers are able to access a wealth of product and market knowledge necessary to grow their Amazon business. People who use AMZScout are able to find profitable items to sell on Amazon, keep tabs on changing market trends, predict competition in their niches and calculate FBA fees and profit margins.


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