How to Sell Books on Amazon-An Ultimate Guide

  • April 17, 2020

How to Sell Books on Amazon-An Ultimate Guide

sell books on amazon

If you are a book worm like me and a huge pile of old books is present at your home, you need to read this article. Those days are gone when old books were worth nothing once read. They just add to the pile of books already stored in your room or basement. But now, you will be surprised to know that old books can be very beneficial if you know how sell them online.

Amazon is the world’s biggest online store marketplace that sells almost each and every product including books. Not many of us know that Amazon started its journey as a small online book store. So to date, they are selling books and it has become an essential part of their revenue growth. Let us explore and see how to sell books on amazon.


Reasons to Start Selling Books on Amazon

Thing to consider now is, why should one sell books on amazon? The reasons are simple.

1. It Is Hassle-Free

Amazon is a huge marketplace of books. According to Amazon’s founder and CEO Jeff Bezos’ revelation, almost 140,000+ businesses adopted this business and made almost $100,000. Yet another staggering fact is that almost 53.38 million books were available on Amazon’s platform in 2018.

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BSR (Best Seller Rankings)

Amazon’s specific ranking to each product on its platform. Such as if a book is ranked as BSR 1, it shows that specific book is doing doog business on amazon and if the ranking is BSR 2, it means it is not purchased by many people and will take time to sell-off. This way, you can easily keep a track of your book’s performing on Amazon.

3. Get Benefitted By Amazon FBA

Packing and shipping products takes a lot of time. If you choose to avail amazon’s FBA, you will not only save your precious time but in return, Amazon will also handle all customer’s queries, returns, and complaint issues. So it is a win-win option for you.


Ways to Sell Books on Amazon

If you want to become a bookseller on Amazon , get started now by following these methods:

1.    FBM (Fulfilled by Merchant)

It is a difficult process to sell as it take too much of your time. you have to handle each and everything from inventory, to packing and shipping. you are also responsible to answer all customer related queries.

2.    AMZ (Amazon Vendors)

     You sell all your books directly to Amazon needs a lot of inventory to be taken care of immediately.

3.    FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon)

In this scenario, Amazon handles all the work from the storage of books, packing, and shipping. If you are a beginner, choose this option till the time you have your own fulfillment system established. Amazon also provides after-sale services.


Sourcing Books to Sell On Amazon

It is a cost-effective idea. It is a highly recommended business for beginners.

 1. Your Own Bookshelf

Nothing is better than your own used/old bookshelves in your homes. This idea can be started with zero investment. look at your shelf and find the books you do not have time for. Take them out and sell on amazon. Resting in the bookshelf won’t be of any good.

 2. Old Bookstalls

There are many people like you who want to sell their old books to old book stores/stalls. You can find a lot of stock at such places at a lower cost. Buy them in huge quantity and make sure you buy the ones most in demand.


How to Start Selling Books Business on Amazon

Start selling books on amazon is a simple yet lengthy process. It is recommended to follow the below steps to get started:

Step 1

Create an Account

The first step to start book selling business on Amazon is to create an account. Following documents/information is required to start:

  1.  Passport or driver’s license
  2. Bank account information for cash deposits by amazon
  3. Credit or debit card information for the payment of a fee
  4. Bank statement

All these things will take several days to verify by Amazon. So be patient until you are notified by the Amazon’s team to move ahead.

Step 2

Register the Books You Want To Sell

Once the account is created, the next step is to register the books you want to sell. Do this by going to “sell your stuff” on the account’s page. Select “Books” as your product category. Fill out the requirements and get going.


Step 3

Select a Shipping Method

This is the last step where you have to choose the shipping method. As we have mentioned above, if you are a new seller, select the FBA method. Transfer the inventory to the nearest Amazon’s fulfillment center.Choose your own way of shipping if you want to.


Final Thoughts

Jumping into any kind of business with prior research is indeed a dangerous option especially when you have a lot of risk involved. We hope that through our ultimate book selling guide on amazon, you will definitely get benefited and start selling books to Amazon without any hesitation.



1.    What is the cost to sell books on Amazon?

The total cost of selling books on amazon for professional sellers is $39.99, and for individual sellers, it is $0.99 per item.

2.    Can I sell books on Amazon for free?

Yes, it is possible to sell books for free on amazon.

3.    Can you sell books back to Amazon?

You can always sell books back to amazon. It will buy back almost every book.

Description: If you are thinking to become a bookseller on Amazon, get your hands on how to sells books on Amazon guide and start selling on the world’s largest e-commerce store today.

Amazon Seller Central Guide

  • April 1, 2020

Before getting to know how to efficiently deal with Amazon Seller Central, let’s see what that tool actually is. Navigating the depths of the Amazon at a professional level can be a complex or even tricky task, but it gives its sellers a lot of amazing opportunities. Online merchants in a number of millions of customers, over time have transformed Amazon into the largest e-commerce market in the world. How to make the most of the Seller Central Amazon? Let’s go through all of its quirks in a smooth and comprehensive way. 

What is Amazon Seller Central?

Seller Amazon Central makes you proud of being an entrepreneur. Here you can buy and sell products online everywhere in the world, from Europe to Japan. Moreover, thanks to the well thought out services such as Amazon FBA, you don’t even have to do particular parts of the job in sales by yourself, because you can, for example, shift the shipping service to the Amazon team. Being an owner of a Seller Central account, you’re called a third-party seller or simply a marketplace, not anymore a simple individual.

amazon seller central account

How to Set an Account on Seller Central Amazon?

Once you register to Amazon, you become a part of a huge family. How to reach it? It’s much simpler than it seems! When you become a seller, you obtain access to Amazon Seller Center. It’s the best place when you need to manage well your seller’s account. If you are still wondering if Amazon Seller Central is good for your business, we’re glad to let you know that the answer is positive. Thousands of third party sellers are here for a reason. Shoppers come here to buy, so you must be here to sell. 

Benefits of Using Amazon Seller Central

More precisely, what does it mean to have Amazon Seller Central account, and what are the benefits of it? If you want to sell directly to Amazon’s customers, you need to have Amazon Seller Central. What are its positive features and drawbacks? First of all, whatever the size of the company, everyone is here! Needless to mention, managing orders and payments was never so simple, and is currently holding an incredible business potential for online sellers.

amazon seller center

Final Thoughts

Vendors throughout all bunch of crafts and sales in this universe connect on Amazon Central Seller. Here you can add information about your product, update needed content, deal with payments, and in general, polish your Amazon account to make it reach its highest potential, transforming it into the craftsmanship. Start your adventure now, or as fast as possible, because so many emerging merchants are ready to step-by, as well. Interest in Amazon Seller Central grows very fast. Mind that, third-party sellers that were invited to join Amazon in 1999 are now 58% of its whole sales department! If that’s not convincing…